Make A Million Dollars A Day

Do you want to make a million dollars a day?

We will all love it, quite happy to retire to our own island with lots of sun and some coconuts growing on palm trees. I can already hear and smell the clear blue aroma of my own tropical lagoon. But now I have to wake up and see the real world again. We all have dreams that are worth millions, but most of us have never acted on our ideas!

For people who earn a living from an online business, a single good idea can give you a great deal of hope and renewal. The chances of success are minimal, but these ideas give people something to aim for instead of a boring office and a nagging boss. A Few of these ideas also make people very rich.

Don't hang around until you do get a brilliant, million dollar idea.

Some people are so desperate to become entrepreneurs, they have silly dreams and create crazy products or services. In fact, it may be best to "dumb down a bit". When companies of the world get purchased for $2MM, it really doesn’t take something uniquely awesome to rake in the dough.

And sometimes, like in the case of the Snuggie, their ideas turn out to be golden.

Most products just never take off.

More often than not, these daft products never get off the ground. You have to wonder why anyone would consider putting money and time into a "potty putter" or think that a flatulence-capturing blanket is a good idea?

At the very least, these products are amusing. At best they are worthless and a mere waste of time and energy. Some people have all the time in the world to dream up madcap ideas, but the rest of us mere mortals have to scrape a crust from any table we may pass.

A successful entrepeneur at the high of their magic can turn over more than a million dollars in about five years if they are fortunate. Their businesses can easily earn that amount... it's mind boggling how they achieve it.

Much of the return of their time and effort comes in the later stages, but they need a sound footing and to capitalise on what they have learned. The Wealthy Affiliate University can truly help you get onto this type of ladder to success, but do not rush - nothing really happens overnight unless you hit a seam of gold - but that is not beyond reach of most using the internet these days.

In the online business world you only ever see the results of the overnight successes. You never get to hear about all of the hard work that went into the venture first to get things going. You do not see the obstacles they overcome to get to this stage, or the people they've had to deal with.

People matter more than ideas, knowledge, or ambition.

It matters not how dedicated you are. You can be as smart as a genius. But at the end of the day your business will be about people. If you are not available to connect with visitors to help solve their problems or improve their lives somehow then you actually don't have an online business - just an un-manned market stall. Most "million dollar" ideas, and even the little gems that will earn a small income, start by putting people first! If they don't then they are generally on a one way path to failure.

This includes all types of people: your customers, the team you may work with if you have one, your helpers and also your peers. Each is a vital cog in the smooth running of your business. Your business will be irreducibly complex - all the parts are needed to function. Without any one of them in properly in place the whole system will collapse. Your business needs a website. It needs customers and it needs you and your team. Image trying to run a successful online business without the correct would be chaotic and useless to anyone except your competition. You will be their favourite people because you will be handing them money that you could be earning.

Creativity and hard work are like a bank deposit.

For any type of system to earn money that you can find online there will most probably be hundreds or thousands of people carrying out each step of the system or technique. The greater degree to which you can break free from the stereotype and be creative with your business strategies the greater will be your uniqueness and the more success you will have.

Just thinking about doing things and having brilliantly creative ideas is useless if you do not act on them. You need to carry out in actions what you dream about. If you mix creativity with action you can almost guarantee that you will get results. Earning an online income will be just around the corner.

It always takes longer than you expect.

One of the most common things WA members get asked is "How long before I start earning a decent income?" If questions such as this were pound coins many of us would be rich already. It takes longer than you may think at first. Expecting immediate return is pointless but we all seem to want results instantly. We want a six figure monthly income after two days of effort in our new business. We want to be noticed everywhere after our first blog post or our first page is inserted into our websites. That is fine and dandy to want success...but it will take longer than two days!

Getting your new online business up and running takes time. A degree of 'divine' intervention may be wished for but setting realistic deadlines moves things forward as well. A little luck and good fortune are very useful to us alll. It can keep you feeling motivated on the darkest days when everything seems bleak and unwanted.

But, above all - DO NOT GIVE UP!

Who you surround yourself with is also extremely important.

f you crave success the best motivation mix with successful people. It isn't clique like, it is how our brains function. Thinking patterns are contagious. Mixing too much with negative people can also be contagious too. Negative feelings spread when you mix with folk who think you will fail. In fact, they more than likely will cause you to fail. Try not to get into the habit of thinking negatively and being put down by those who want you to fail because it is in their interests. They can then sneer and look down on you, making your situation even worse.

Make sure the people you surround yourself with are positive and encouraging and are the sort of people who make you feel good about what you are doing. This is the best encouragement you can get. The WA Online Community is perfect for this. The members all help and support each other, using their time and effort to help make you succeed. You couldn't wish for more. If you are feeling down just log in to your Wealthy Affiliate account. It won't take you long to start feeling better once the other members are helping you along the way because they have already been there. You will have common aims and desires. The viewpoint that they will engender will keep you on the right track, helping you not to sag or get too weary. The day will seem a whole lots brighter when you mix with the caring group at WA. Their perspective will show you what is possible to really achieve and they will help you strive for it.

All Things Change.

There is no need to be worried or anxious about change. Things change and develop every day. Your website was different on day one to what it is now. Every day it developes more as you add to it and adjust it. Your website is a living, evolving thing at your command. The things you do every day will change. The market you operate in will continue to expand and grow. It will get slowly more technical and the products you offer will grow to encompass that change. The people with whom you work will change. Your viewpoint on your own business with change as time passes.

Embrace the changes. You do not need to fight them.

Build your site with re-use in the back of your mind and plan long term.

With each task you carry out, consider how you can use it to your advantage not just today but into the future as well. Many times I have thought I will never need this email to send to anyone else but I did do. The training videos that needed producing were put on hold, waiting to be completed.

When you put your valuable time and hard work into creating something new think about how you can use it in the future as well. If you are launching a new product try not to put the date on any supporting video for example. You may need to use it again for another product launch later on and you will just be repeating you efforts again.

Any job that you will need to do more than once can be documented so that anyone else can do it the next time. This shoild also be the case with anything that might evolve over time.

The first pound you earn is the hardest so don’t forget how you earned it.

Requesting payment for your very first sale is probably going to be the hardest pound you will ever earn. However, once this is completed you will know how to do it again, and again, as many times as is necessary to achieve success.

A common error people often make is to jettison suff they have already used without a thought to it's further uses. Then they create another product that wouldn't sell. Had they followed the same, already successful methods that helped first time they wouldn't be floundering wondering how they sold their first products.

It always helps to return to previous customers to get their opinions on future products as they will often give you realistic advice. If you want to go even further ask your competition. There is no better review of your work than hostile peer review but expect a stomping on. Competitors can be extremely ruthless and remember that it's really in their interests that you fail. If they say something is lousy it could actually be very beneficial in the long run once improved so do not let your fellow marketeers get you down.

Some of your peers will try to eat you for breakfast and leave you feeling awful so take what they say with a pinch of salt but do consider carefully and unemotionally what they say. You will be amazed how ofter a nugget of gold gets thrown out accidentally when people are being critical so keep your eyes and ears open. Your competition might just hand you the lead in the race in their rush to defeat you. That's what happened to Napoleon at Waterloo, when the battle was won he turned it into one of histoy's most specatular defeats, much to Weelington's delight.

Return constantly to the people you are serving to ensure that they like what you are about to sell or do. This can be done as simply as sending emails to you current customers and it makes great follow up opportunities available. Very few customers of reliable and customer focused firms will mind, in fact they are usually delighted to be included in a pre-product or service launch.

If your customer follow up is good your customers will appreciate you more. I try to get people to say: "Why can't they all be like you?" It makes great review material and the customer re-inforces the value of your services or products intheir own mind. There is nothing like getting people to convince themselves that your firm is the best.

People want results, they don’t care about the extras.

Although it is very important to your business how you plan to deliver your products they rarely give a hoot how you get the product to them. The most wonderful delivery service in the world is of little value if you are late. Customers don't want to waste their own time without a sound reason, they simply want results.

For example, try not to get too fixed on a delivery system for anything you offer. Instead, it is best to make certain that people are getting what they want from your service, whatever it may be. Ask your customers regularly if you are fitting the bill? Use their own words in your sales promotions and marketing and repeat, repeat, repeat. This is the entire principle of advertising - repetition to enforce the idea.

Ideas have a limited lifespan, use them before they become stale.

If you suddenly have a brain wave and get a brilliant new idea but do not carry it out you can be sure some-one else will eventually. Good ideas are often gobbled up by others if you don't get in there first. Quite often you will see a few new and supposedly original ideas being implemented by several people at the same. Remember, people do tend to think alike and you can be sure your competitors are trying to think like you.

Make sure that any good ideas you have are used before their shelf life expires but don't be so eager that the idea is launched too soon. It may not yet be developed enough to be of real benefit but when it is do not delay. Don't let the idea just sit on a shelf. Remember that for every good idea there are probably going to be fifty bad ones that can be discarded quickly. It is the one good idea in fifty which when implemented turn out to be fantastic for you.

People will copy you and steal your ideas.

Try not to be overly concerned or get down thinking that other people will copy you or they will have already have got to you without ever trying. I often used to fret and fuss that my ideas or website content would be it stopped me putting the ideas "out there." Today, instead of worrying I simply make sure that I gt in first. It is in fact a real compliment to have your ideas copied. It shows your ideas box is functioning as it should. These days I just advertise, advertise and advertise as much as I can. Others can copy as much as they like, it simply shows they are more than likely out of ideas themselves so thjey are actually unlikely to last for too long.

It really matters how you think and feel!

You can always tell the people who are inspired by something because they tend to let it show. Try not to get too involved with others or start a new project simply because it sounds good or just because it "has the chance to make money for When you let your best inner feelings be your guide you will sleep better at night and you will get better responses from your customers. Your inspiration will rouse your customers and help them to feel a glow about what you do. Your customers will appreciate it and this will more often than not bring them back to you for your "special" service. You will get positive feedback and reviews every time.

Technology keep changing and always will.

Technology is changing so learn how to keep adapting to new methods of communications. Understanding how to grow and adapt is a major advantage. Technology is wonderful, but try not to become overly attached to one platform or system because things are certain to change and what is cool today can be freezing cold the next day.

Social media has changed almost beyond recognition since we started in the mid 1980s so a key talent isn't inderstanding how to use a particular tool. Rather it is the knowlegde of how to adapt and embrace the new tools as they arrive. No-one who starts out on their online journey today will have the same site in 5 years. It will be pretty dated by then and in great need of refreshing to keep up with new trend and systems of communications.

When I was attending a professional business systems course with a major business systems manufacturer in the mid 1980s we were introduced to the new fangled idea of "lectric male", that's how much sense it seemed to make at the time. We certainly didn't foresee the reduction in cost of email systems nor the major innovation that they actually were. Old times can die hard so try to keep abreast of what is going on in the business systems industries. You can be certain the shop next door will be, and you really don't want them to beat you to it.

What views or comments do you have?

The ideas laid out in this post will not fit everyone. If you agree, or disgree, even strongly, please let us know. We take great delight and professional pride in our services. We will be sure to consider your valuable opinions and tailor our services and products to suit your needs!

In the meanwhile…happy website designing from the team!

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