Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

How to find keywords, how to know what keywords are correct how to know exactly which ones you should be using all of the things and so today I'm gonna tell you about one of my favorite tools to find keywords figure out which ones are perfect for you and rank for  hings that you want to be found for on the interwebs.

All for the content marketers out there the bloggers the business owners who want to put out content that is found on search engines whether that's YouTube or Google or Pinterest or whatever and how to really figure out what keywords are right for you with one of my favorite tools so this is a mix of strategy and a tutorial of a tech tool and the really cool part about this tech tool is that it's totally free yeah I love a good free tool the tool that I'm gonna talk you through today is called keywords everywhere it is a Chrome extension I do believe they have an extension for other browsers like Firefox whatever you use but it's a Chrome extension that allows you to c4 anything you search how many times a month.

competition is and how much it would cost you to run an ad for that key term now I'm gonna teach you how I use this and how I teach my students to use it in kind of the cliffnotes version of like what we  ant to look for why a key word could work really well for me and not for you and vice-versa and all of that jazz but let's just jump into it I'm gonna show you how to actually use the tool and explain a little bit about how it works and how it can apply to your business and your keywords too so let's go alright so first and foremost you have to install keywords everywhere but once you do that you will get a little doodad up here in your extensions and so you will see it up in this area here it's gonna look like this black circle here with the K in the middle and that is what it looks like up in your extensions bar now I actually never go up here to do anything I just it just lets me know that it's active there's been a couple times where it deactivates and it's grayed out like some of these are and I have to go back in and activate it but sign up for an account it's free and then it will show up there now here's the magic are you ready are you ready, okay so let's say I want to do a video on how to set goals right so I'm gonna start by typing how to sit goals okay so you'll see here that there's these three numbers showing up next to all of these results now the first number is how many searches per month on Google and YouTube there are so this is essentially how many times Google is indexed for that keyword and under my.

Understanding I could be totally wrong it includes both Google and YouTube analytics so how does that goals is searched 8100 times per month this middle number I always tell people to ignore when looking at this tool because what that is is how much it would cost you to run a campaign targeting those keywords with Google ads so this is a cost per click so it would cost you a dollar 36 around there to run a campaign on Google ads to target those keywords.

So then so I always just say just ignore that unless that's actually why you're looking up the keywords but this third number is one you shouldn't ignore this is the level of competition this keyword has now it's kind of hard to read this but essentially what it is is a scale from zero to one so zero point zero seven is less competitive than 0.1 then if you look down here 0.1 3 is more competitive than zero
point zero four so look at it like a fraction on a scale of zero to one so zero point zero anything means it has good it has very low competition once you start getting into like 0.5 or 0.6 or point you know whatever that means it's getting closer to that one and it is going to have higher competition so ideally you want to find keywords to target then have a high search per month and low competition so for instance how to set goals would be a really good.

Keyword for someone to target myself or I just said that a YouTube video or Google a blog post on with those keywords,  now I want to give you a little secret strategy if you are just starting out going after something that has that many searches per month even if the competition is low is not going to benefit you. You're going to be squished in the search engine you are not going to show up because you have not you don't have the authority built up with Google yet or YouTube or whatever to be shown in those top.

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