How you can easily create articles using a spinner tool!

How you can easily create articles using a spinner tool!

Article spinning is similar to article rewriting except it is partially (or completely) automatic. An article spinner takes your article, sees and matches the words in it with the words in the synonym library. They then include this synonym in your article as an alternative to a suitable word. After you click the play button, the tool will skip your article and one by one randomly replace the words that match one of the alternatives. Then save the new article and start again with the original until you have created as many unique articles as you need - 50, 100, 250 etc. Spinners can also replace phrases and sentences with alternatives you write to make the article more unique. There are times when you need to recreate articles that you have previously written using words, terms, phrases, sentences, etc. Different so that the new article conveys exactly the same meaning to the reader as the original.

Website writers looking for traffic often rewrite articles to get more links to their website. To understand this, you need to understand a little about how the Internet works. The more visitors your website receives, the higher the number who will click on the ad on your website or buy goods from you. Also the closer to the top of your website's search results come to the terms (keywords) people search on the Internet, the more traffic you will receive. Many search engines calculate the popularity of a site by calculating how many sites link to it and in turn how popular the site is if your site is linked to sites that have lots of links that lead to it, you get more credit. Therefore, the more websites you can persuade to link to your site, the better your site will be positioned in the search engine results. You can increase the ranking of your website by distributing articles (called article marketing) to the web for other people to use as free content on their sites and blogs. An important part of this as far as search engines are concerned is that this article almost always includes a profile section at the end that contains links that point to your website. In some cases you are also permitted to have similar links in the article itself so that after your article is republished on the site, they link to your site.

Using article marketing, you can get hundreds of links to point to your website by creating one article. But the effect is not as strong as you would expect because search engines and Google in particular will lower, or reduce the number of links that point to your website if they detect that they all originate from the same article that was published and republished many times. To overcome this effect, you can rewrite or rotate your article to create hundreds that are unique so you get the full benefits of generating links.

Different tools rotate in different ways - some others are manually classified as automatic. Your article rotation automatically involves your spinner choosing the synonyms that are included in your article for you. Manually rotating articles is under your control. In manual spinning you decide which synonyms to include in your article so that your last article makes sense. You should not use automatic spinners because they almost always produce very bad and absurd grammar.

One way to get more unique articles is to combine your article rewriting with playing it. There are also spinner articles that help with the distribution process so you don't have to do it manually (which is a very time-consuming task).

The main advantage of article rewriting and spinning is that it helps you create articles that take months. This also helps you generate links and potential traffic to your website very quickly. In addition, you can also benefit from referrals because visitors to the site where your article was republished are sometimes quite interesting to click on links in the article and visit your site. While search engines are like unique articles, spinning now depends on the fact that search engines are not proficient enough to understand the meaning of sentences, but can only find out whether they contain the same word. 

If they finally advance to the point where they can compare the meanings of two different written sentences and say they are identical, then publishing articles that spin to create web site links can be overkill. There are various types of spinners and rewrites including those that you must install on your computer and online services. Several types combine spinners and rewrites together so you can get the best in unique articles.

You should really avoid using automatic spinners because they often change your original sentences completely so that they end up saying things that make absolutely no sense for example a Word file can mean registering, smoothing or recording so that the phrase "can you send this a letter?" it can end with "can you tidy up this letter?" which is meaningless - unless someone sits there by mistake!

Summary: The combination of spinning and rewriting articles together with publishing unique articles is one of the best ways to generate links, and get more traffic for your website. Attracting more traffic to your site will in turn increase your sales and advertising revenue.

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